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WE WON! Jersey Power reclaims National State Society trophy

We are proud to announce that our Jersey Power team has reclaimed the national state societies' trophy, having prevailed over Texas in the final championship game on Saturday, July 15. We worked our way up to the top of the winners bracket and then played two games against the tough Texas team to win. We will be posting photos soon.
If you consider yourself a good softball player, we need you! We are looking for a few more players to round out our Jersey Power softball team for this Saturday's NCSS tournament at West Potomac Park. Our first game is 10 am with registration at 9:30 am.

Please email immediately and tell us your preferred position.

We won this tournament two years and it was very competitive. We like to compete, but we also just like to have a good time! To that end, we keep cold beer, sandwiches and snacks nearby at all times.

Here are the details from the organizers.

We look forward to YOUR participation in this year's "Summer Insanity" Softball Tournament, with the first games starting at 9AM on Saturday, July 15th, 2017, at West Potomac Park, Fields #1-#6 (on Ohio Drive, SW).

The tournament will feature 10 softball teams representing various states & territories, in a double-elimination tournament (all teams are guaranteed at least two games). Brackets (hard copies) will be provided to each team, at REGISTRATION on Saturday morning. (PLEASE LOOK FOR NCSS VOLUNTEERS between Fields #3 and #4, as numbered on the backstops).

9AM -- GAME #1 -- Nebraska v. Wisconsin (register by 8:30AM, please!)
9AM -- GAME #2 -- Colorado v. Massachusetts (register by 8:30AM, please!)
10AM -- GAME #3 -- Texas v. U.S. Virgin Islands (register by 9:30AM, please!)
10AM -- GAME #4 -- New Jersey v. Illinois (register by 9:30AM, please!)
10AM -- GAME #5 -- Montana v. (Winner of Game #1) (register by 9:30AM, please!)
10AM -- GAME #6 -- American Samoa v. (Winner of Game #2) (register by 9:30AM, please!)
Subsequent Games will begin at 11AM, NOON, 1PM, 2PM, 3PM, 4PM, and if necessary, the "Extra Game" will commence within 15 minutes of conclusion of the 4PM game (which will be a full, 7-inning game).
RULES. Basically, we follow the following co-ed softball team rules:
1. At least 3 female players at all times (both in the field and at bat). 2. At least 10 players total, with no automatic outs. Teams can play with as few as 9 players; however, such teams will have to designate an "out" for the missing 10th player. In any case, 3 female players are still required at all times. 3. Our paid, professional umpires will call balls and strikes; to expedite the game, each batter will begin with a "one-and-one" count (one ball, one strike). 4. The "Mercy Rule" will be in effect for early games; i.e., a game will be terminated early if the home team is ahead by (20 runs in the 3rd inning, 15 runs in the 4th inning, and 10 runs in the 5th inning). 5. Determinations about ground rules, home-run rules, pinch-runners, substitutions, tie-breakers, etc. will be provided by the umpires on the day of the tournament. 6. Early games (except for the Championship, and if necessary, the Extra Game, in case the losing team in the Championship Round has not lost twice) will be time-limited to 45 minutes, with no new innings beginning in the 46th minute. All games (except for the "if necessary" Extra Game) will begin at the "top of the hour" (and on time). 7. NO METAL CLEATS! And the umpires will let you know (ahead of time) which bats are not allowed (i.e., "illegal"). 8. And, ideally, we would prefer that (at least 50% of) each team's players have some legitimate connection to the state/territory that they are representing in the tournament!